A domain name is an easy-to-use and unique website address that you can get for your site. It routes a numeric IP address that is applied to find websites and devices on the Internet and it is incredibly easier to remember or distribute. Every single domain includes two parts - the actual name that you select as well as the extension. To give an example, in domain.com, “domain” is referred to as Second-Level Domain and it is the element you'll be able to select, and “.com” is the extension, which is called Top-Level Domain (TLD). You are able to register a brand new domain through any certified registrar company or move an existing one between registrars if the extension supports this feature. Such a transfer does not change the possession of a domain; the thing that changes is the place where you can manage the domain. The majority of the domain extensions are available for registration by every entity, however various country-code extensions have certain conditions like regional presence or an active business registration.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Cloud Hosting

When you buy a cloud plan through us, you're able to select from more than 50 domain extensions for your new domain name - both generic and country-specific ones. We are able to offer a practically instant registration service since we partner with an accredited ICANN registrar - the organization that handles the domain system worldwide. If you order a new domain, it'll be active within minutes, therefore you'll be able to begin taking care of your site without any delay. You can also transfer a current domain that you have obtained using another company and control it in one place with the website hosting space for it with us. Our state-of-the-art Domain Manager interface provides you with complete control of your domain names - renewals, Whois Privacy Protection, customized records, forwarding, WHOIS information management, and a lot more.