Network connectivity defines 2 things - just how many people will be able to look at a specific site simultaneously and how swiftly they will be able to do that. If the connection capacity is low, for instance, the maximum throughput can be hit with a few visitors looking at the website, so newcomers will not be able to gain access to the webpages, or in another scenario, all website visitors could have problems. In case the capacity is sufficient, but the hosting server access speed is low, it'll take longer for any webpage on the Internet site to load and this could lead to visitors simply closing the Internet site, if they notice that they have to wait for a minute or two just to view a few webpages. In this light, in order to start and maintain a booming presence online, the hosting server where you host your site should offer both superior access speeds and large traffic capacity.

2.5 Gbit Network Connectivity in Cloud Hosting

Our web servers are positioned in three data centers around the globe - in the United States, in the UK and in Australia. You shall be able to pick the location of your new cloud hosting account during the signup procedure, but your site visitors shall not be able to tell the difference, since the multi-gigabit connection that we use will ensure quick loading speeds for your Internet sites regardless of the location of the facility that you've picked. The data centers have direct fiber lines to numerous major urban centers in their respective regions and use a number of Internet backbone providers to ensure speedy and uninterrupted access to each of the web servers. Also, we use new highly effective hardware for the network which connects the groups on our cloud hosting platform, as a way to ensure swift access to each and every site hosted on it.